Unlike the former days when little heed was paid to the way we styled our homes, contemporary trends demand wary calculations and cautious architecture to attain the utmost luxury and solace. Like all other areas, the way we architect, and later the ways we choose to adorn our dwellings, the living room in particular, can be done with a minimalist approach, which isn’t only the best means to lessen the load on our finances, but also to attain a comfort yearned for, and an attraction dreamt of.

All-glass walls allow perfect view of the natural world outside, especially when living in a predominantly vegetated area; these walls need not be painted, but only needed the drapes to be slid away to reveal the magnificence billowed by nature. Airy, appealing and classy; what not can be done with these walls?
Wooden window panes housing glass shutters are an exotic way of making your living room look beautiful than ever, with a distinct show of the aura outside, to lighten up the atmosphere inside.

Sofa set which perfectly goes with the maple flooring of your living room has a chic display, especially when supplemented with the right colour of rug, and perfect recessed lighting to illuminate the right spaces.
A single, large couch to fill up the space facing the TV fixture is a perfect display of a macramé of simplicity, entwined with sheer sophistication.

White walls with wooden interior flaunts a decent appearance which needs nothing more than a wisely chosen painting to hang on any one of the exquisite walls to look dazzling in its own plainness.
If the interior in your living room has a brown colour, then it should go perfectly with black wall mounted wall units to help you place those intricate decoration pieces. Thin, white curtains to cover the shutters are just perfect add-ons to increase the overall appeal.

Perhaps, the most astounding minimalist idea would be using your gender-based preferences to represent them in the very décor of your living room. Plain walls, housing leather-brown furniture with the right type of wall racks to hold your daily used items would make it look extremely masculine. Adding lighter colours and more expressive embellishments would, on the other hand, make this space of your abode more feminine. It’s more about preferences.

You could easily bring out the colours whilst still using the minimalist measures by trying the renowned Soho style, and other ways such as fancy rugs, and long light lamps to stand at the corners, only adding to the grace of your living room! Focusing only on the undertones can bring about a change in the way our living room is perceived by the spectator.

Not only this, you can merely choose a certain space in your living room that you want to be accentuated, and focus on its fixtures. Furniture is the key component of our living rooms. Loy-lying

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