Get ready for new insights on what to adapt with rusticity and modern designs in this lovely kitchen! MAKE Architecture created an ingenious kitchen by collaborating dark wooden material and shiny metal material. Do you see how fabulous this kitchen is?

Originally, the owners of this kitchen wanted to have a cooking school so you probably think that is why you can see how large the space used for a kitchen. The kitchen is just so spacious! Looking at how MAKE Architecture collaborating stylish glass, steel, and wood, you will be amazed how they can unite in a perfect sync. Do you look at its dining table and cooking table? The rusticity is brought in wooden dining table while the modern minimalist side is brought in contrast in metal cooking table.

The idea of bringing rusticity and minimalism is to spread the atmosphere of comfortability. Once you enter the kitchen, you feel like you are welcomed in a warm feeling. Such a masterpiece for a kitchen design! This kitchen is just so inviting for everyone to adapt and own the ambiance. With a well-proportioned tone, you can tell about the fact that being rustic is not so traditional, and being modern is not always too minimalist.


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