Having a private residence on an ocean side is sure lovely, moreover if the house has comfy and charming design. It is a house in the Coast of Kennebunk, Maine that can be a dreamy example for you. The house is designed by the Maine Cottage furniture on the ocean side that gives it an interesting look and challenging experience. Let’s see more of the design!

Stone fence in front on the house protects the house from the ocean wave and also gives a firm look to the house. The structure of the house will remind you to the old American home with terraced design and gable roof. An American flag in front of the house is almost functioning as a landmark for the traveler on the ocean. Going inside, you will find comfy and charming interior design. The living room with comfortable sofa, modern fire place, and planter is really comfy for your lounging place on the house. A beautiful planter decorates the room beautifully.

Pastels color on the interior decoration gives lovely look to the house. The dining room with powder blue table and cheerful flowery chair will make your dining time more lovely than ever. The bedroom with wooden bunk bed, pastel color theme, and wide windows glass is comfy for your sleeping place. You can enjoy the beautiful outside view while lying down on the bed. Isn’t it lovely?

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