There is a certain rule in Nantucket, Massachusetts obliging all homes in the area to maintain historical quality by defining their homes with inclined roofs and natural shingles facades. So, with that criteria, there is nothing J. Brown Builders missed. The outstanding historical quality is shown in Squam residence’s exterior design.

What makes this residence more remarkable is because J. Brown Builders made a luxurious modern design with a minimalist style over its home furniture and accessories. The interiors of this house is defined by popping up colors to specify things in that room to be a centerpiece. The collaboration of minimalist colors and colorful ones is not even flashy. What a great fitting!

In the bedroom and family room, there is a large rug in each room that creates a relaxing mood for everyone who comes in. Wooden floors are made to create a sense of natural atmosphere. Starting from the living room up to the bathroom, the spaces are designed very airy and fresh. The spacious feel is definitely felt so much. The way how modern interiors and traditional exteriors collide even does not bother the existence of this residence’s exclusivity. Isn’t it very elegant? What a stupendous design!


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