A breakthrough design brought by Charlet Pictet made a small chalet look so lovely. This challet is located in the Ormonts Valley, Switzerland, a perfect place to have a chalet that can gives you warmth in snowy outdoors.

What is so eye-catching about this small chalet is how is is made from honey blond wood. Moreover, the fact that you usually picturize honey blond wood is related to traditional interior design, then it turns out to be the opposite. This challet gives more modern sides in its interiors.

With some constraints on site challenges, the building is made at a low level of ceilings and pretty large fireplace. It is indeed designed in the way that can give the person staying inside warm and relaxed. Since it has a modern feel, you can see minimalist home furniture decorating the chalet all the way through. You can see how amazingly simple, for example, a hearth is.

You must be amazed by how small yet very welcoming this chalet is. Especially with snowy surroundings, this chalet is a perfect place to stay enjoying the scenery outside. This chalet offers you a warm and affectionate tenderness for staying inside with your family members or your lover. Isn’t it nice?

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