We have read fairy tales with dreamy the tales we find a dream house in the lovely woods with a beautiful small river. And also a beautiful garden with amazing flowers. Well the happy news is you will get a place just like the fairy tale described.

This amazing house is located in a peaceful wood with a roof top house and a cute little red play place. Believe it or not there is also a beautiful garden with a nice little stream.

This house is a renovation from a stable. The stable was situated in a beautiful the owner reconstructed the stable in a beautiful house. The owner didn’t changed much of the material. He just reused and transformed to keep the old fashioned look.

You can see this beautiful house has the look of both rural and modern. Though the house is made of wood but the furniture and the fittings all are modern and stylish. It has bedroom space, living area stylish kitchen and also a modern washroom. You will be just amazed with the look and fittings of the dream house. Moreover you will be amazed with the use of fancy but stylish furniture.

You will also get a library in this house. There is also a cute children room with double bed. In the whole you will get all the modern facilities in this wood and enjoy every moment in this place.

In the outdoor you will see a beautiful garden with colorful flowers and leisure area. You can spent some time just sitting in the garden. Also you will enjoy the beautiful stream which is flowing beside the house. The garden has also a lovely sitting area and the house has a balcony from where you can enjoy the beautiful scene of the wood. There is also a cute play house which is red. In the play house children can enjoy their time with friends or siblings.

This place is suitable for both single and family. If you want to escape from busy life for some day then come and spent some memorable time of your life in this amazing house.

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