People that need much space will tend to choose to have more than one floor in their house, so staircase design ideas will be the thing that they tried to find for their house. Staircase has so many types and designs that each could give different feelings to the house. There are the minimalist design, modern design, and also the traditional staircase designs, and each has their own persona. Here are some examples that people could use for the staircase of their two floors house.

The minimalist staircase design ideas of the residential staircase usually use simple designs with many spaces between each of the star block to make the star looks minimalist. The minimalist design ideas also tend to use glass in the stair side since glass makes the staircase looks minimalist and cool too. The minimalist staircase is very suitable for a big house with big spaces. The glass staircase also makes the house looks more elegant and stylish since glass interior is one of the new interior trends.

For other modern staircase design people will find many of the usage of metal handles and concrete stair base for the star base since it is the best material for a star base. The metal handle also ensures the strength of the staircase since metal is one of the strongest star handlers and construction material. The staircase design ideas for the modern age is mostly influenced by a sharp looking style and the usage of glass, metal and concrete materials.

There are other staircase designs that mostly look unique and out of the ordinary like the colorful spiral staircase that will give a strong creative vibe to the house. There are also some other designs like the traditional brick staircase design and the triangle staircase base that could make the house looks boldly fresh. Hopefully, these inspiringly cool staircase design ideas will help in the designing of your house staircases.