Air plants have been a new great phenomenon for many people in the world. So, in this great chance of wonderful happening, we would like to show you some ideas to enchant your air plants. Here are the 15 ideas of air plant display for functional and stylish home design.

The air plant display trends are always developing day by day. There have been so many unique and interesting style ideas. This kind of low-maintenance plants can be very beautiful if you can be creative in making something new. Let us see the all pictures shown in this post that give you lots of thought and even some of them are out of the box.

There are some designs are presented in hanging air plants containers. They are beveled glass air plant holder which looks like a glass diamond shaped, jellyfish air plant container which is so cute and unique, simple interesting hanging air plant cradle, and some others. There are still some other ideas presented here. Exactly 15 thoughts of this post will inspire you in creating interesting home design. Just take a look at them and get these air plant designs for your more stunning home.

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