Daybed is usually placed in common room with the different function with a regular bed. The place of it shows that it is just furniture that can be used for seating and lounging in the little moment of resting in a day. Since it just becomes the temporary place for resting, the design is also simpler than the bed for that is usually used for taking the same activity but in a longer time.

The contemporary time gives the development in giving the various touches into daybed designs. This then makes the increasing number of daybed designs can be chosen nowadays. The beauty aspect of the daybed as furniture can be found also sometimes from the combination of modern touch with the classic and traditional sense.

Some contemporary daybeds are designed in the combination of the bright color like in Line style and Jimi style. The other are designed in softer color like white and grey. The examples are in Charlotte Daybed with Trundle, Mu, Ikea ps 2012, Joseph Maple Day Bed with Guest Bed, Stratton Daybed with Baskets, Torino Black Metal Day Bed, Window Daybed Chocolate, Upholstered Daybed Mattress, Savannah Daybed with Trundle, and brinmes daybed.

Actually, a daybed at first is designed for a young or old people. Nevertheless, the contemporary time also gives the chance for the little boy or girl to try it. This kind of daybed is usually designed in bright color and in a more little dimension. The example can be found in Stompa Play 1 White Day Bed & Den Kit, Stompa Play White Daybed, and Ariaana White Metal Daybed.

The daybed can be the good combination with the interior of room. It also interesting since it can be functioned perfectly for some simple activity. In simpler words, this kind of furniture is multi-purpose furniture.

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