Bedroom is not only the place for sleeping and resting but also the place for placing some private things like clothes. Because of that, the existence of wardrobe in a bedroom becomes significant since you must need the more specific places for saving it. People usually choose white wardrobe for their bedroom because white is a neutral color that can be combined with any other kind of colors easily.

Nevertheless, there are so many wardrobes in other colors that also can be considered for your bedroom. Those kinds of wardrobes can be functioned not only as storage for saving your clothes but also as part of bedroom’s decoration. The act of choosing them can be assumed as the same act with you chooses other bedroom’s furniture because you must consider too about its appropriateness with the whole interior of your bedroom.

Some examples of colored bedroom show the high level of intensity with the general style of people. Some of them like red glass sliding wardrobe, line, monopoli z039, free cab z037, teen bedroom, armadio in bianco, and Barbie joy sweet show that the bright colors are chosen but still in the point it can be combined easily with white color.

While the others like kid room, bed in white elm, pink glass and white glass, fc 12 bedroom, cabinet in walnut and lilac soul, trend 19, children’s bedroom green, and oak and red floral glass show more possibility of colors combined. They are also decorated with other furniture like painting or ornament in bedroom’s wall in various colors too.

Actually, there is the added value of colored wardrobe that is the possibility of presenting the bedroom as a place for showing your style about your private room’s decoration. Beside of the color, the material used also support to that, the difference choice of it for example between wooden and glass also can make the difference tone of the bedroom.

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