Do you ever feel dull with your house condition after long holiday? Do you ever think to make it fresh again at the time but you need much time and hard ways to make it happen? Do not worry, now, there are 10 simple ways that can make you refresh or reinvigorate your house easier.

Add Some Flowers

Take some colorful flowers that you like, than put in your house, it can be in or outside. The flowers will make you feel in spring, and your house more colorful and fresh. Make sure, to change the flowers every week to make your house still fresh. (from Chroma Design)

white kitchen purple flowers setting

If you did not like flower much, you can change it with some fruits that you like on fun bowl or you can combine both fruits and flowers. (from AMW Design Studio)

add bowl of fruit to replace flowers

Shiny Your Pillows

If you do not have any throw pillows, it will be better for you to buy it, because with throw pillows you can make your house became colorful and fresh. They are not expensive, and you can refashion them by some colorful scheme. (from Shop Society Social)

throw pillow to make accent

Put Sheepskin on Your Chairs

To make you still warm, you can put a sheepskin on your chair. It will make you feel warm and relax sit on it. (from Sklar Design)

throw away chairs, use rug

Colorful Bookshelf

The next way in making your house became fresh and not dull is make your bookshelf colorful. It doesn’t mean if you paint your bookshelf, but you only need to organize your books as their colors. (from Hudson Interior Designs)

colorful bookshelf

Add Towels at Your Bathroom

Just like giving some colorful throw pillows in your house, you also can put some towels on your bathroom. You only need to choose lights and towels with bright color. (from Eric Aust Architect)

bright towels to complete bathroom

No Clutters

Is your house full with things that are frequently used, and make your house become clutter? Such as: toaster, coffee maker, microwave and others in your kitchen, Now, try to put them away, clean your surfaces and put them in their right places.

kitchen with clean look

Show Off Your Window

Have big windows in your house? Do you ever take their advantages? Now, its time to you to take their advantages put one or two chairs close to the windows like this picture below, then enjoy your time with seeing beautiful panorama. It was amazing. (from Dick Oatts )

White Wooden Bookshelves Wooden Chairs Red Chair Wide Window

Pot Herb Garden

Next way is potting herb garden in your kitchen, ride them in to your wall. Herb garden have two functions: 1) it can make your kitchen more beautiful and 2) it can make your food taste great. (from Urban Gardens)

kitchen with mini garden

If you did not have any planter to ride herb garden, you can take pot them and put them in hole space or make some spaces between your kitchen equipment then put them in. (from House and Home)

DIY plants for kitchen

Make Beautiful Closet

Choose a color that you like, then buy a paint with that color. Next, painting your closet with that paint, it will make your closet clean. (from Closet Envy)

colorful closet

Or, you can put beautiful wallpaper to your closet like this picture. (from One Kings Lane)

pattern wallpaper for closet

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